Speaker Topics

Cindy Tarasow is the Founder and President of Pomegranate Canada Inc.

Ms. Tarasow was previously Vice President, Client Services at Right Management – a global leader in talent and career management workforce solutions within Manpower Group and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her online members, her staff and corporate clients.

What became apparent to Ms. Tarasow was arising business vulnerability and increasing losses for corporations using outdated processes to source and recruit talent. Additionally, a huge missed opportunity to invest in our overlooked, growing labour force demographics – skilled immigrants. She knew she needed to help resolve the crisis afoot, with new solutions to drive economic growth and prosperity.

Her research, knowledge and humour combined with clear conclusions and practical, affordable solutions inspire and motivate action to make definite differences in personal or corporate program objectives.

Ms Tarasow is available to inform, educate and inspire as a speaker for HR conferences, internal corporate events, economic development forums, cultural communities and audiences at large.

Sorry it’s Broken!
Recruiting Recovery 101
through 2015 – 2025

Few will argue that traditional hiring methods successful last century are equally effective in this new millennia with dramatic shifts in labour market populations and language skills. Between the legislative issues, human rights fears, language and skill confusion, it is easy for any party to trip-up on that voyage from qualification to successful hiring.   Even after the hire, what of retention? Why didn’t that behavioural interview method actually pre-test workplace fit? How can we possibly improve the process and get better results?  Perfect for all business leaders, HR practitioners, recruiters and sourcers, this practical presentation has it all, the problem, the solution and success defined.

The Barista
and the Boardroom

Custom designed around three key themes, Cindy takes the tragic scene we hear about all too often of the highly skilled worker in a survival job, who even after their education is credentialed remains out of work in their field.  Perfect for cultural groups, foreign students and Immigrants in general, she speaks to universal issues of Cultural Fit Reconciliation, Articulating International Value Proposition and Skills Translation from 1-1 to 1 to many. These insights give a new outlook and edge in career search for those that value it most.

The Ugly, the Bad and the Good, Reversing the fortunes and finding success in diversity

Perfect to Address Boards of Trade, Business Associations, Municipal, Regional and Provincial Government Associations, interested in learning how to better leverage existing Agency and Corporate resources to engage Immigrant Skilled workers for workplace fit. We need better, faster and higher success rates of employment and net new organic GNP to avoid certain and predictable economic ruin.  Cindy takes a look back and forward breaking down the Ministry of Finance Report…Ontario Toward 2025 Assessing Ontario’s Long Term Outlook and provides insights and solutions to lessen the impact of one of largest socioeconomic and demographic crisis predictions already playing out in the workplace today.