What does Winning Look Like?

What Does Winning Look Like for our Clients and Members?

  • Winning with Pomegranate Canada will result in increasing profit through diversity
  • Winning adds ideas, creativity, innovation and collaboration through organic technology developed in CANADA at our own world renown KW Technology Hub
  • Winning with us means cultivating opportunities for NEW Canadians both within your internal succession planning and as successful new hires
  • Winning with Pomegranate means authenticity in Diversity programs that are aligned to profit, not picnics
  • People that are winners for your company will be better retained, motivated and inspired to do more and be more when you engage Pomegranate to help them engage

Who is on our WIN LIST?

  • Wins on our list include financial and service institutions that want to generate NEW wealth with new Canadians and move beyond the recycling the depleting value of the baby boomers dollars
  • Wins for our technology clients means finding new technology talent they need, not fighting for and being held captive by the same small group of tech talent they can find
  • Wins for all our Federally Regulated Clients translate to successful hires and reduced new hire turnover, all accurately tracked and measured against improved Diversity Initiatives with a hard dollar ROI
  • Provincial Clients regardless of size, service, or status can begin to get better results with smarter design and simpler administration, to achieve business goals through diverse people, ethically and honestly
  • Skilled Immigrants that want to leverage their international skills into a professional career, not survival jobs
  • Wins for everyone is creating abundance, prosperity, a new life and leaving old thinking and old practices that add little value behind

Do you want some WINS?   It’s time to start playing differently.